We feel so fortunate to interact with people every day and to hear what a difference SSIK is making to people's lives.  Below are just a few of the testimonials and reviews we've received, which are such a blessing and remind us exactly what we are here for: to produce an unparalleled kombucha and to help and educate!  (Please email us with your testimonial, we'd love to hear from you!)

"Yours is THE best kombucha I've ever had.  I'm addicted (thanks a lot btw!)" - @growceries

"Amazing!  LOVE having the on-tap option when I don't want to either drink (alcohol) or drink soda in my bevvies." - Kristin Price

"Whether you're going to a party or dinner, want a coffee alternative or to be refreshed, Salt Spring Island Kombucha delivers. Its healthy and delicious taste converts people again and again into SSI Kombucha lovers. It's the best kombucha on the market and I know you'll agree!"  - Julian Paquette, Writer

"THE most delicious, flavour-rich and satisfying kombucha EVER (and we've tried a lot of bottled kombucha!) You can literally feel this booch's aliveness as you drink. The big trick's been in trying to save the bottles being devoured by our kids! LOVE it! Thank you, Salt Spring Island Kombucha!" - Christina Smith-Ebrahim